What does lyophilisation mean?

LYOPHILIZATION is applicable in manufacture of specialized food products, for example for the purpose of feeding of spacecraft crew within NASA programs and high mountain expeditions in the Himalayas or just in your kitchen.

Lyophilisation is a technological process during which, by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure, the frozen water in the material sublimates directly from the solid phase to the gas phase, without condensation. Although the term „lyophilisation” is not widespread, the process of sublimation from ice to steam was already used in food industry in the United States in the first half of the 20th century. The first product that has been produced by this method was freeze-dried coffee. Since the World War II freeze-dried products have been used by many armies around the world. Freeze-drying technology, just as the majority of modern and expensive technology, has also application in food industry in its broadest sense.

Thanks to rapid development of technology and production range it is possible to reduce the costs for almost every customer’s need. "Lyophilisates" have been high-end products.

Long-term freshness

Under the influence of the process of lyophilisation the processed fruits and vegetable retain almost all the characteristics of fresh products. They maintain in approx. 93% their shape, colour, flavour, and during the process there is no significant loss of vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances such as polyphenols, and proteins, carbohydrates, fat, nourishments and vitamins.


The process of lyophilisation eliminates microbial contamination. The products, practically devoid of water, are protected against unwelcome influence and development of harmful bacterial flora, including mould.

Practical solution

Lyophilisates, preserved by temperature below 30 ° C, remain unchanged their parameters (natural colour, smell, flavour and vitamins) for up to 24 months. They are very light, their weight is 10 times smaller in comparison to fresh products and furthermore – they are easy to pack, transport and storage.

Good to know:

Free-dried products are characterised by a very delicate structure. In view of maintaining unobstructed water canals in the free-dried products, they can be rehydrated within approx. 3 - 5 minutes.

Lyophilisates - application and customers

Food industry in its broadest sense, gastronomy, catering, military, tourism, sport, pharmaceutical industry.

Food industry flavouring additives and ingredients of such products as: candy, yoghurt, sauces, dressings, instant noodle, breakfast muesli, jelly-type desserts, puddings, jellies, instant soups, fruit soups, fruit tea, vegetarian dishes, cream cheese, yoghurt, chips, diet products, lard-type products (pear and apple), dietary products, fish, spices, salads - as additives, sauces and dressings, ready-to-cook products, meat products, fish products, vegetarian dishes, gratin (with cheese), flavoured thickener, additives to cured meats, pates, galantine, headcheese.

Gastronomy and catering as flavoured and decorative additives.

Army and military as food during military manoeuvres and military operations.

Extreme sports as a basis of the diet during high mountain expeditions, sea voyages etc.

Freeze-dried products are an excellent, high-grade part of a healthy diet. Lyophilisates are especially recommended for physically active people who train extreme sports.

Quality policy

Product - To Froster’s suppliers belong only reliable and trusted partners providing properly selected high-quality products. Selecting the best suppliers ensures high quality, freshness and local origin of herbs, vegetable and fruits.

People - always well prepared, aware, constantly improving their qualifications in terms of quality and safety of manufactured products. Froster’s specialists team is a solid foundation for our company and a support for your business.

Standards - HACCP, GMP, GHP, taking into account the care of the natural environment.

During the processes of lyophilisation and freezing we pay special attention to:

  • quality of a raw material used for processing,
  • continuous monitoring of the production process,
  • standardization of the product,
  • detection of contamination and deviations in product,
  • packaging, testing, attestation,
  • logistics.

Ordering process

Orders are processed within max. three weeks from the time of placing an order.

In the case of a call off the order processing occurs within 24-36 hours.

Order processing

The products are delivered on EURO pallets or as an individual shipment.

In Froster we take care of a correct life cycle of EURO pallets, so the recipient should return them or make the payment for the pallets.

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